Words of Comfort

Words of ComfortWhat to Say
at Times of Sadness or Loss

The first edition of this book was meant as a help for homilists at funerals. The second edition expanded its help to lay folks searching for words of comfort. This third edition again offers words of comfort for a wide variety of death experiences.

“I have kept a copy of this book on my writing desk. It is dog eared because through the years as relatives  and dear friends pass, it has provided me a resource for words of comfort. Where it is a sudden or tragic death or after a long illness, I am often at a loss for words. What can I write or say that would not be just a platitude? Through its reflections, scripture and poetry I need to express meaningful words of comfort. This book is my helpful companion that enables me to stand with the bereaved.”
— B.H., Saint James Parish, Omaha, NE

I am excited to announce that this book has been reprinted and re-released. Order your copy today.

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Available at TAU Publishing for $8.95

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