One Hundred Cranes

Contemporary Celtic Prayer BookPraying with the Chorus of Creation

All of my books emphasize an earthly spirituality, original blessings and creation spirituality.

Awe and wonder are the beginnings of prayer. I believe my prayer and this book may have begun when I was four years old and glimpsed a wondrous and unique bird. Many years later I now believe that all of God's creatures can call us to prayer. It's my hope that the reflections about birds, animals, and plants in this book might create a mood for your own prayers.

"This delightful and imaginative book helps us realize on a deep level tht every creature of the Earth Community is cousin to each other —truly a prayer book for our time."
Jim Conlan, Author of Geo Justice; Lyrics for Re-Creation —

"This work is a treasure — reverent, touching, and timely. A book to pray rather than read. I highly recommend it! (Ideal for anyone who loves animals and birds.)"
Macrina Wiederkehr, Author of Song of the Seed —

Foreward by Joyce Rupp, Author of numerous other best selling books,
as well as a retreat facilitator, and spiritual guide

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