This book consists of 70 pages. They contain 17 real life dog stories that depict various breeds. In addition there are the stories of 9 legendary dogs from history. Each dog story begins with a quote from a famous person about dogs and ends with a one word summation describing the particular dog's outstanding quality which often offers a spiritual dimension for reflection. In the latter part of the book Fr. Fitz makes a connection between dogs' outstanding qualities and how they mirror the goodness of their creator, thus explaining the title: "The Amazing Love Of Dogs And God".

Father Fitz needs his friends to rally round and flood Amazon so that his book moves up on Amazon's preferred list.

This is a Kindle eBook that is available to read on the Internet, iPad, tablet, etc.

If you do not have an Amazon account, go to and select the Kindle Store and set up an account. They will need your email address and you select a password. Then put the title "The Amazing Love of Dogs And God" in the search box.