Spirituality in the Midst of Messiness

Spirituality in the Midst of MessinessStories of Coming Home to the Catholic Church

This book was originally published by Paulist Press titled Stories of Coming Home and sold out all printed copies. It is now being released by Tau Publishing with a new epilog and the title the author originally desired.

It is based on the truth that all of our lives are sometimes messy and sometimes even chaotic. It gives helpful stories and prayers to help us muddle through messiness, and in the case of chaos ways to move out of it. (If you are going through hell, don’t stop!”)

It is a book filled with encouragement.  If you feel that you are not yet complete — an unfinished work sometimes mired in confusion, alienation, or even chaos — finding spirituality “in the midst of messiness" can be very helpful and enlivening.

This book is about the Spirit helping you to reclaim hope and create something new and beautiful out of chaos, and returning to a safe home where your soul can be warmed and nourished.

The stories in this book are taken from the real lives of messy or messed up Catholics. Often time’s images or examples are taken from the lives of such Catholics. The story's images are examples from personal experience, or even the media.

If everything in your life and in the lives of your loved ones is “hunky dory,” no flaws, "just perfect”— then this is not the book for you. If not, it may be just what you need for a lagging spirit.

I am excited to announce that this book has been reprinted and re-released. Order your copy today.

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Available at TAU Publishing for $10.95


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