Seven Secrets of the Celtic Spirit

Seven Secrets of the Celtic SpiritA Journey to the Soul of Ireland

What makes the Celtic Spirit unique? With imaginative stories and poetry, Fr. William John Fitzgerald delves into the mystique underlying the legends of Ireland and her people. He suggests that there are seven "secrets" and that we would do well to integrate some of the older Celtic Spirit into the rushed and busy lives we live in our Western consumer societies. As he reveals experiences of Celtic Spirit that have woven their way into his own personal life, he takes us on an unforgettable journey to the very soul of Ireland.

"This is an enchanting book, a marvelous blend of information and personal experience. William Fitzgerald's Irish Spirit sparkles amid his superb storytelling and boundless creativity. His adverturous journeys and insightful discoveries are woven beautifully through every page."

Joyce Rupp, Author of The Cosmic Dance
and numerous other best selling books.
Joyce is also a well-known retreat facilitator and spiritual guide.

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